Developing Social Interaction

Lego®-based therapy is a social development tool for children and young people.  Created by
Dr Daniel LeGoff (a Paediatric Neuropsychologist in the USA), It aims to encourage children to practice joint attention, turn taking, sharing, joint problem solving, listening and general social communication skills whilst building with Lego®. 
Working in partnership with Bricks for Autism (C.I.C), 
BrickTime® delivers high quality training for child development professionals and offers Lego®-based therapy support to schools and other organisations.
Endorsed by the Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University.

Working in Partnership

BrickTime® continues to develop its partnerships with charities and community organisations across Yorkshire and the North east of England.  Including:
  • Libraries
  • Community groups
  • Charities
  • Lego® user groups.

Imagination and Fun

BrickTime® runs a number of afterschool, and weekend clubs for children age 5-11 years old. 
No instructions used, simply creativitiy, imagination and fun!

Anne Watt, North Yorkshire

I can hand on heart say that due to attending Bricktime in a Pre-School setting has changed my daughters life and greatly improved my sons behaviour. Abi has such a natural ability to observe and work with the children through building Lego together to improve their life skills. My daughter transformed from a shy girl with little eye contact and social initiation at any level to a far more happy outgoing little girl who now makes eye contact and moreover initiates play and conversations with everyone. My son who would not sit still for anyone now does so and his sharing, listening and ability to following instructions have greatly improved. My children have gained essential life skills and I would not hesitate to recommend both Bricktime and particularly Abi to anyone.

Professor Barry Wright,

COMIC Research University of York

The feedback is that your training is of high quality and this has been a great help to us as we roll out our randomised controlled research across the region to see if Lego®-based therapy is helpful for children on the autism spectrum.


Ripon Cathedral, Sights and sounds event

Abi is the Pied Piper of Lego for as soon as  she unpacks her magical boxes of LEGO, children flock to begin building.  With her encouragement, the children create fantastic worlds from their imaginations. This in turn draws in other children and adults too as no one can resist joining in the experience.  Abi’s workshop was the highlight of our event!

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